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The Industrial  Trading  Company, has been an active player in the market, in the field of Pneumatics, since 1981.
Initially offering accessories in the field of Pneumatics.

We have added multiple activities
Industrial Pneumatics & Hydraulic Products
Deceleration & Vibration Technology
Transair an instant and easy to install compressed air pipe system
Electrostatic liquid & Powder Coating Spray Guns & Automation
Vacuum Products for Automation
Sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications
Automation products such as linear & rotary motion actuators
Related instrumentation accessories
Small control panel boards etc.
Presently company offers Value Added Products through designing & supplying
Turnkey Solutions for Compressed Air
Spray Painting Systems & Automation
Robotic Automation
Package Solutions to various O.E.M Users , thereby minimizing their inventory & labour charges
Vacuum Handling Systems.
Area - Centrally Located office 6500 Sq. Ft. in the vicinity of the  industrial area
Adequate Marketing team supported by after sales team
Adequate Logistics Team
Well established & managed Warehouse.
To be the world leader in products, services and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers and businesses gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.
To become a leader in Industrial Pneumatic Technology, and one of the foremost suppliers of industrial pneumatic products in India, through improved productivity and innovative solutions. It believes in creating value for the customer.