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Established in 1943, CKD has researched and developed various kinds of products while constantly predicting and meeting future needs as a pioneer in automation technology. Today, CKD product lineups have tens of thousands of items, and they play an active role in a broad range of industrial fields.

CKD product line includes Development, sales of labour saving components, pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic auxiliary components, fine system components, fluid control components and other functional components.

CKD provides top-flight products for endlessly changing needs.

 Product Range
Pneumatic cylinders
Hands / chucks
Assistive devices
Directional control valves
Fluid control components
Refining and pressure adjusting components
Speed control valves, check valves, auxiliary components
Gas generators -Nitrogen gas extraction unit
Mechatronics Indexing
Direct drive motors
Electric actuators
Components for chemical liquids
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