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PIAB a global leader in Vacuum Technology strives to offer not only products and services that satisfy the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers, but products and services that actually exceed their requirements, needs and expectations.

This is done by sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers. 

PIAB, as a matter of course, takes responsibility for our common environment. As one example of this, we always look for the most environmentally friendly means of transportation of our products.

We encourage our suppliers to research and develop materials that allow environmentally friendly manufacture, function and recycling of our products.

PIAB is a company rich in competence and with an organisation whose culture, structure and processes encourage an innovative climate. Since the company was established in 1951 a wide range of products have been developed in the fields of vacuum and measuring techniques. The first product developed was a drawing compass that simplified the work for designers and draughtsman, and thereof the company name Pi (3.14) AB.

Later on a series of instruments for measuring tensile forces were designed. At the end of the '60s the first vacuum product was invented, pneumatic vacuum tweezers. Today PIAB's vacuum products are MARKETED throughout the world.
 Product Range
Suction Cups
Vacuum Pumps
Combined Pump & Gripper
Coax Catridges
Accessories :
Vacuum Check valve VT1
Vacuum Switches
Application areas
Powder & granules
Metal sheets
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