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Established in 1976 Pneumax has, over the years, achieved a role of primary importance in the pneumatic and automation world.

The head office is situated in Lurano in the Bergamo province and covers an area of 94,000 square meters, 40,500 of which are office and manufacturing facilities. The complete and innovative product range offered by Pneumax offers intelligent solutions to all application problems. Our flexible production equipment and high precision machinery manufacture all components required by assembly lines, which in turn are able to construct and test different product groups from day to day.

External production companies, although still part of the Pneumax Group, are charged with specific duties including the machining of fittings and the production of solenoids and microsolenoids.

MARKET demand is formed into ideas, from there into projects, and finally into products utilizing our modern structures, innovation and creativity.

The present Pneumax is the result of past commitment. The achievement of results and realisation of targets are undoubt  indicators of a company's success.
This success can only be achieved with real co-operation  from all those involved, together with continual and complete  commitment from every individual.
 Product Range
Mechanical – Manual  Valves & Accessories
Pneumatic & Solenoid Valves
Air Services Units
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