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SAMES was created in 1947 to manufacture and MARKET the electrostatic generators developed by Professor Felici and his team, at the French National Center for Scientific Research (C.N.R.S.).

These continuous high voltage generators quickly gained a significant position in most research centers (as well as in industry) because of their exceptional levels of performance and safety.

SAMES also supplied several nuclear physics centers throughout the world, including the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the U.S.A.

Quality electrostatic spraying gradually became the main activity of SAMES , which abandoned the manufacture of scientific material towards the end of the 70s, in order to devote all its energy to this growing sector. Today, more than 50 years of know-how and innovation ensure the continual technological evolution of our products in the industrial environment, giving us an international reputation for performance and quality.
 Product Range
Product Range for Liquids :    
A Automatic Solutions B Manual Solutions
Electrostatic Guns Electrostatic Guns
TRP 501   MIV 6600
TRP 502   MEG 6080
Electrostatic Bells Peripherals
PPH-308   AP 1000 - HVP 125
PPH-308 Ext      
PPH-405 C Robotic Solutions
Peripherals Electrostatic Bells
  Gear Pump   Nanobell
  REV 600      
  RFV 2000      
  AP 1000 - HVP 125      
  Reverse Flush      
  Product regulator      
Product Range for Powders :
A Manual Solutions C Mixing and Dosing Solutions
Manual Guns  
      eJet CYCLOMIX™ Expert
          D Powder Coating Booths
    B Automatic and Robotic Solutions      
    Automatic Atomizers      
      AS 100 Fluidimeter      
      D3P Pump      
    PVV EasyColor      
    REV 600      
    RFV 2000      
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