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Specialized services are offered to customers in various aspects.
Relating to the piping of compressed air, services include designing and erecting the entire plant. The energy savings and pay back period are also calculated.

Fittings, tubings and couplings, optimum design suggestions and leak free products are delivered.

The company supplies designs and installs complete pneumatic accessories. Other value added services include providing a complete package that is, using all accessories to make a control desk for a machine and providing the necessary piping or tubing.

The exact size of applicators with paint savings are offered, along with complete automation and semi automatic standalone systems.
Factory trained and highly experienced engineers are available with very good technical back-up.
A team of highly trained engineers undertake after sales service for all products handled.

For piping, a team of erectors is available. For painting, factory trained, experienced staff pay regular visits to all the installations. In the area of pneumatics, an experienced staff headed by a designer look into customer problems onsite. Regarding installation and commissioning, there is a team of erectors and commissioning people with a trained supervisor and the head of the product line, to look after the same.

An excellent technical backup is present in the form of a Technical Director with a team of technical people, along with a management with 39 years of experience, catering to the needs of the industry in the field of Pneumatics, Instrumentation & Automation.